• Web Protection

  • Shield your business.

    Hackers like easy targets. Make sure your business doesn't become one.

    Protect your employees, your customers and your data with our cloud based service called SecureSurf.

    Losing control of your network is only one click away.

    It is not longer a question of if you will encounter web-based malware, but when. Thousands of networks are compromised each day leading to untold financial and data loss. The only way to effectively protect your network from these evolving threats is through a multi-layered, adaptive solution like SecureSurf. 

    Focus on your business. We'll focus on protecting it.

    SecureSurf is a cloud-based Web protection service delivered at the DNS level.

    There is no onsite hardware or software required. A simple DNS configuration change will have your entire network protected in a matter of minutes. SecureSurf delivers enterprise level security at a price point SMBs can afford and with our TotalCare+ managed service looking after the administration and monitoring, it doesn't require dedicated IT staff.

    Protection you can trust.

    SecureSurf's multi-layered cloud solution combines proactive features such as firewalls, intrusion detection, anomaly alertng, log analysis, malware forensics and virus intelligence data.

    SecureSurf monitors both inbound and outbound traffic. If suspicios activity is detected on your network, we will block it and alert you immediately. 

    Take an aggressive stance against malware and regain control of your network today with SecureSurf.